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Update 21/07/21

As the Government Guidelines have lifted we know the question on alot of minds is how we will be operating from now on.

After much thought, consideration and customer feedback we have decided on the following:

❗We will be continuing with our queue system and one customer at a time in the shop.

✔We will still have the designated queue area and separate waiting area so there is plenty of space for those still wishing to socially distance from others.

📳We will continue to use our pager system to help with this, you will be given a pager once you have ordered and this will buzz & vibrate when your food is ready to collect.

🤧We will be keeping our sneeze screen in place for extra protection and also to protect our packaging/work surfaces from air borne contamination.

😷We will not be enforcing the wearing of face masks but if you do choose not to wear one please respect our staff by talking into the screen and not around it.

🧂Condiments and forks will remain behind the counter, do not hesitate to ask for these.

🦺Everything we have put in place is with customer and our staff safety as the priority.

We thank you all for your continued support!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes,

Neil & Emma 🐟🍟

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